Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use MapQuest, Google maps or my GPS to find the cabin?
While these service providers will get you to us, we ask that you please use the detailed directions that we send to you prior to your visit

Should I stop for food before I arrive at the cabin?
You may elect to: bring your own food, review a menu and have food delivered for a small fee, and/or utilize the Bennett Cove inventory of: snacks, frozen, canned or packaged food and pay at the end of your stay or have meals prepared by a catering service for a small fee.

Will there be toiletries available?
Towels and linen are provided. 
An initial supply of: toilet paper, hand soap, dish soap, in addition to paper towels and trash bags. 
Personal items will not; please remember to bring your own. 

What electronic items and appliances are in the cabin?
Bennett Cove is equipped with TV’s in each bedroom and the living room with a DVD player.
There are microwave ovens, stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and a washer/dryer set available for usage. 

Will my cell phone work at the cabin?
Please bring your calling cards with you.  Some cellular phones work in the area. 
Your network provider will determine whether you will be able to call out or receive calls while at the cabin.

Are there internet and cable services available?
Bennett Cove has dial up internet and satellite TV.

Are pets allowed?
Pets are not allowed at Bennett Cove. 
If pets are brought, you will be asked to vacate the property and no refund will be given or you will be charged a fee not less than $250.00

Is smoking permitted?
Bennett Cove is a non-smoking cabin.  Any smoking inside the property will result in a charge of not less than $250.00

Can I bring a firearm or fireworks on my getaway?
For liability purposes firearms or fireworks are NOT permitted on the property.

Is there an area available for riding my motorized bicycle, etc.?
Dirt bikes, three or four wheelers may be used at the risk of the operator. 
BC assumes no liability or responsibility for any injury that may be caused in connection with the use of these vehicles. 
If any trail or road damages occur with the operation of these vehicles, renter will be responsible financially for all repairs.

Can I fish in the lake?
Guest may fish at own risk.  A life preserver must be worn by any and all guest that fish, peddle or row boat.  ABSOLUTELY NO SWIMMING ALLOWED.

What about insects?
Bennett Cove receives pest control.  However, the cabin is located near the woods so you will be in contact with various pests at different times of the year.