Bennett Cove is a perfect location for your next corporate board meeting, business luncheon, team building exercises and games. We are fully equipped with all amenities required to offer corporate challenges. Have your employees compete against each other in our half day challenge course. Time frames are 8:30am-12:30pm or 1pm-4:30pm with lunch included. We offer privacy, serenity, and rich history within 60 minutes of the heart of downtown and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Bennett Cove is your solution for quite surroundings, privacy, and professional event execution.



Scavenger/Treasure Hunt

Locate items strategically hidden throughout the campus for points.  First team to return to cabin with all items wins.


Cross a certain distance by placing concrete petals on trail and have teammate jump from tile to tile; if teammate falls off tile they must start over.


A net sport played by two opposing teams using a racquet to strike a shuttle cock across net; first team to 21 wins.

Wheel barrel relay

As a relay team, wheel a wheel barrel filled with objects around the lake.

Cove Challenge

This one mile course consists of puzzles deciphered using clues, Darts target shoot and horse shoe toss; first team to complete challenges wins.

Blindfold challenge

Using effective communication skills your objective is to guide teammate through a short field, picking up cones before crossing finish line.

Canoe Challenge

2 team members canoe to the other side of the lake and tag 2 other team members who canoe back to victory. Team will be penalized 30 seconds for falling in the water.